Camfrog stops cooperation with external hosters



As you may have noticed, we have been working to make it easier than ever for Camfrog members to start their own room by adding the ability for any member to instantly create and manage a room directly via their profile settings. We also just announced some new upgrade options for members to upgrade their room to support even more concurrent users, as well as some new exciting features coming soon.

Due to this, and many other changes that we’re working on, we’ve come to the difficult decision to sunset our Hosting platform. We want to make sure that the rooms you may currently be hosting have ample time to test things out, get comfortable, and migrate their room to be managed from their owner’s nickname. To do this, we’re reaching out to let you know today, that as of Monday, July 6th, 2020, our hosting platform will be turned off. That means any rooms remaining on your hosting service will go offline at that point. 

We’re also turning off the ability to buy new, or renew existing Camfrog Distributed Server/Hosting Platform licenses. If you have an existing license, you may continue to use your hosting platform until it expires, or until July 6th, 2020. Whichever comes first. If your license was expiring before June 14th and you need an extension, please reply to this email with your most recent license information, and we may be able to extend it for up to 2 weeks. If your license renews or expires after June 14th, we may not be able to extend your license.

We’ve also launched a new room options to allow Camfroggers to upgrade their room to allow for unlimited users, along with some new features that we’re working on that will be released and announced soon. 

We thank you for your continued partnership. If you have questions or concerns regarding this, please feel free to reach out to us about this phase-out.


Above the line  is the email sent to all external Camfrog hosters on june 6th 2020.

What does it mean for the current Camfrog room owners ?

Camfrog self is because of rules and limitations   of  the Apple store and Google play and Paypal not allowed to host 18+ rooms showing adult content. So Camfrog will need external hosters for that situation. 

If you continue with a room in Camfrog then be warned, that if you register your current room name to the Camfrog network, you will not be able to move your room back to an external hoster in the case  they will allow external hosters again. Camfrog never found it necessary to make that option available to unregister, so that means you loose the current room name,  aswell all your points, coins and gifts. You will being forced to register a new room name  if there is the option after juli 6th 2020.

You may have your room for free on your current pro, but to get certain options, you will have to pay. One example of that is… when you want to have a ban list of more then *** users, depending on how large your room is.

For sure, your room will be a BIG LAGGING mess, special for the users in ASIA as Camfrog doesn’t even know how to setup their own servers and networks.

So if you want to help us and yourself to continue having fun in Camfrog, DO NOT REGISTER A ROOM NAME IN THE NEW  CF situation and wait until they allow the external hosters to be back. Otherwise you will be annoyed of the crappy lousy lagging cams and DJ streams that will be GUARANTEED to be persistent present at all time, every hour, every day, 24/7 to ruin your Camfrog pleasure. 

In the case you need proof of what is being stated here above in the green. search for rooms in the room list with a golden edge and go inside. Special the ASIAN rooms… Thai, Phil, Indo, Chinse rooms, for people in these regions those rooms will lag the most.


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