Camfrog SuperUser

We also offer the SuperUser Option.
What does SuperUser mean ?

SuperUser is a special Owner of the room. This user can not be kicked, not be punished, not be demoted or banned. You can not request watch lists or block the mic of this user.

Some hostings offer SuperUser to human users. WE DON’T !!
To create a human SuperUser makes totally no sense except creating a show off behaviour like you cant kick me lalala.

A human SuperUser has to work, to eat, to sleep, shower, do groceries.. all moments that the SuperUser id may be in the room but the person to operate it not. In those moments a room hacker has his chances…. the hacker can demote everyone, kick punish and ban everyone while nothing happens, because the person behind the SuperUser ID isnt there to operate it.

To Make the bot SuperUser makes sense and in combination with the protect module that we offer with it, it can keep your room safe.
The bot never sleeps. No one can kick demote or punish the bot. And if someone tries, that person will be demoted and punished or kicked it self by the bot.
Same as every user ID you put in the the protect list of the bot. As soon as a hacker tries to demote one of those protected user ID’s, or punish or ban or kick, the person will be demoted, kicked or punished right away. The protect module can not prevent that.
The bot will undo that last command and restore the protected user.
If demoted, the protected user will get color back by the bot.
If punished, the bot will unpunish the protected user.
If kicked, nothing happen with the protected user. You can come back in the room right away.
If banned, the bot will removed the ban.

In all those above cases, the bot will demote / remove the status (color) from the one who invoked the command, and make it a normal user,  and will accordingly kick punish or ban that user as well.

So a “hacker” has no chance to take over your room at all, in the same way as they could before.

So you have to agree with us, the best way to protect your room, is to make your bot the SuperUser, and not a normal human user ID.

One thing you need to take in consideration is this, every user you put in the protection list is automatically an owner in the protect module and therefor a RISK. Because of that, this user can demote, punish, ban or kick other users that are listed in the protect module without any consequences. 
So when a hacker has taken over one of the id’s that is in this protection list… then your room is doomed and can be hacked. So be smart and keep the amount of users in the list not longer then necessary !!