CDShostforyou v.s. Camfrog hosting

Camfrog has started a new campaign where users with:
– regular pro  – get a free chatroom with max 25 users.
– extreme pro – get a free chatroom with max 100 users.
– gold pro –  get a free chatroom with max 500 users.

What are the Pro’s and Con’s ? 

Pro’s Camfrog hosting :
– no extra payment for a room to chat in,  saving you minimal 25 usd.
– Better protected against flooding, because of streaming protocol.

Con’s Camfrog Hosting :
– once your room is registered at Camfrog, you never be able to host that same room name with an external CDS hoster ( us ) again. 
– No experience large user room hosting with more then 200 users.
– Rooms over 300 users LAG ( delay of signal ). 
– Because of a better flood protected protocol, they have Less quality in streaming to ASIA for people with the slower lines.
– No free Bot with extra plugins and Demote protection.
– No superuser bot to protect your room owners against demoting.
– Camfrog very slow in Support response  minimal 3 days or longer, or not at all.
– NO room / server logs AT ALL

Pro’s CDS external hosting :
– Protected against high volume floods 12 TB+
– Long time experience in hosting large ( 10.000 users ) rooms.
– Better streaming protocol for slower Asian streams  with less lag.
– Access to room logs, who flagged, who kicked or punished or banned !!
– Can see who that annoying flagger is !!
–  24 hours service with fast response 
– Support via IM
– Support if need help with your own system to enable DJ mode
– External DJ server to keep your room with music 24/7
– FREE BOT ( if available )
– Bots as superuser to protect your room from being taken over and demoting even when main owner is not around / sleeping.
– Bot with extra customized modules. 
–  for existing clients we offer more discount on coins and pros then you get from Camfrog

Con’s CDS external hosting :
– you need to pay 25 usd or more to get your own room.

PalTalk has bought Camfrog a few years ago and now both companies are part of Peerstream. Since then Camfrog has started to work on a plan to get rid of external CDS hosters. 

If you start  “FREE” renting from Camfrog and leave us.. our existence will be jeopardized. On the moment that our income will get below the needs we have to pay for the monthly CDS pros to Camfrog, and the monthly amount we have to pay as server rent, we are being forced to stop the CDS hosting.


Once Camfrog has get rid of all the external CDS hosters.. the “free” rooms you get now with your pro will be over. You will start have to pay for a code again to be able to host a room.
On their bad network that has no good support for streams from ASIA because it wrong quality protocol based.

Go take a look on the PalTalk website and compare the prices for the pros with the prices of Camfrog. I made a screen shot of what you have to pay for a public room !!

So before you leave us and destroy the way Camfrog works….. THINK first and decide if you think thats worth it