CDS Hosting

CDShostforyou offers you a hosting for your Camfrog CDS account as a service for roomhosters.

This means, we take care of your setup, server technique, updates of servers and Camfrog software, and protection against DDos attacks
We offer different packages, we have packages with multiple data-center locations.

We also offer packages with Backup , So for example if our USA Site goes down (wich happen very rarely),
within 10 minutes the pre build setup Europe backup CDS takes over, and automatically put all your rooms online,
so your clients get  a minimum impact.

Here is an overview of our packages: 

Package Ports


Serv Back
Bronze 1:  1gbps yes no 3 no 75$ mo
Bronze 2:  1gbps yes no 4 yes 100$ mo
Silver 1: 10gbps yes yes 3 no 125$ mo
Silver 2: 10gbps yes yes 4 yes 150$ mo
Gold 1: 10gbps yes yes 5 no 175$ mo
Gold 2: 10gbps yes yes 8 yes 200$ mo
Platinum 1:  10gbps yes yes 10 yes 250$ mo
Platinum 2:  10gbps yes yes 14 yes 300$ mo
  ability to host on 2 sites    

(with the platinum packages you get a free windows 2016 server to host your bots !)
(on the other packages you get 50% discount on your windows 2016 server)