Camfrog Bot

IM Control
This module allows the user to control the bot and configure plug-in modules by instant messaging. You must be the bot owner for the bot to execute your commands. The bot owners list can be edited in imcontrol.conf, the module settings or by instant messages. If you are not already being set in the bot owner list, you can not add others. Only those that are in the bot owner list can add others by sending  instant messages to the bot.

8 Ball
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8 Ball is an entertaining plug-in, which answers users’ Yes/No questions in the form of pseudo-random generation.

Bad Words Kicker
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The Bad Words Kicker can kick or punish users for typing bad words. The bot scans users chat text in a room and finds matches with the rules you set. If the given quantity of matches is found, the bot performs the action you have set, for example, kicking the user from the room or banning them.

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Ghost is a word guessing game. In the beginning of the game, the player is shown one letter or a fragment of a word (depending on the difficulty level), and should guess the next letter. If the hidden fragment of the word contains the letter entered by the player, an additional letter gets opened, and so on. The player is only allowed to make two mistakes, and if there is left just one unguessed letter in the word, the player has only one try. For each unguessed word the player gets one letter from the word «ghost». The player loses the game when he collects all letters composing the word «ghost».

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The Greeter module sends greeting messages when a user joins a chat room. All users are divided into several groups by sex and role. So the bot owner can create a list of greeting messages for each group of users or their combinations, for example, male or female users, owner females, friend males and so on.

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In this game, the players in turns take the limited number of objects from the heap. The payer who takes the last object loses the game.

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The HTML Log module writes down all room events such as user chat, log in and log out notifications, administrative actions, and more.

Math Trivia
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Math Trivia is an entertaining module, which generates simple math equations and posts them over a user-defined time interval. If a user solves the equation correctly, he or she will gain a point.

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This module posts messages in the chat room after every fixed time interval. You can change the time interval from 30 to 30000 seconds. It is possible to add, remove, or modify messages by editing the messenger.conf file, messenger module settings or by instant messages. The module chooses a message to post from the message list randomly.

ProtectBot Plugin
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This plug-in protects owners against demoting by other owners.  It also has the option to promote or demote, kick, punish and ban users, by sending a command in the room or to send an instant message to the bot.

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This plug-in sends a random message to the chat. If the user isn’t specified, it chooses any user nickname from the list.

RSS Reader Plug-In
How to post RSS feeds to a chat room
This module allows you to post RSS feeds of your choice to your chat room. 

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This module runs a Trivia game in the chat room. The bot asks questions and users who answer get positive ratings points that are reported by the bot.

Who Banned Plug-In
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How to Request Bot Information for a User Who Banned another User
How to Set Up the Bot to Log All the Administrative Actions in a Room
This module is compatible with Camfrog Chat Room Server 5.0 and higher.
This module gathers statistics about any chat room server options changes, user kicking, punishing, banning, microphone blocking and unblocking, status changing events. The module writes logs in UTF-16.

Word Trivia
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Word Trivia game asks users to guess the encrypted word whose letters are rearranged. The module also offers a short tip specifying the area the word is related to.