Camfrog Fake IDs

For the beginning room owners, we offer fake ID’s.  Why fake id’s you think ?

These fake id’s have all their own IP address so they count in the room list from Camfrog and help to position the room higher up in the room list.
This means, when you are a beginning room, your room DOES NOT  show up between the rooms with 0,  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 users, and believe us… there are a lot of those rooms lurking on the bottom of that list.
This means you will be easier to find by people who are browsing the room list, because your room will be found in the higher user count segment where are less rooms located.

Because those fake id’s are maintained manual, the prices per id are a bit high, to cover the costs. Those id’s run on dedicate servers, and have their own unique IP address.

ATTENTION: Fake ID’s ONLY can be placed in ADULT rooms. Camfrog DOES NOT ALLOW the use of fake ids in GENERAL rooms !!

1 to 10 ID’s – $ 3,50 US pcs / month
11 to 25 ID’s – $ 3,25 US pcs  / month
26 to 50 ID’s – $ 3,- US pcs  / month
51 to 75 ID’s –  $2,75 US pcs  / month
76 to 100 ID’s  $2,50 US pcs  / month

In the case you are sure you want those id’s for more then 3 or months in a row,  we can offer a special calculated price.
More then 100 ID’s message us for a price.